Premiers Speaking notes


Polynesian leaders group. Special meeting on climate change as part of COP 21 Paris


November 2015

Meeting in Tahiti 15 July 2015


1 The PLG was formally established by leaders in the margins of the forum meeting in Auckland in 2010

2 Membership has now expanded and include Samoa Cooks, Niue, Tuvalu, Tokelau, French Polynesia, Tonga,

3 Other observer groups include Hawaii, NZ Maori  Easter Island and any other country or group of people within and beyond what is traditionally known as the Polynesian triangle spanning Hawaii, Easter Island and NZ

4 We are pleased to formally welcome our colleague from Wallis Futuna to this meeting today

Since the beginning the group has been working at consolidating its political and economic status in the region and beyond

5 Today's meeting is a continuation of this process as we turn our attention to the preparation of our position and declaration on one of the most critical events that is occurring and impacting our members and fellow countries in the pacific-Climate Change

6 We will add our voice and support to like minded countries, institutions and world wide action on climate change

7 Climate change impacts all of us and threatens the very existence and livelihoods of our people and countries in the pacific

8 And even though the larger countries may believe that Climate Change is a "problem" that requires "fixing" there appears to be a lack of urgency in the actions that need to be taken immediately to mitigate and adapt to the very serious effects and impacts of climate change

9 The political will and support that is required by world leaders has been severely lacking with a determination that the legacy they will leave behind for our children and the future well being of this very small and fragile planet earth is acceptable and will be left to others to deal with

10 Our positions are very different and we will continue to shout out loud our very objections to this attitude and our very critical concern about climate change and its collateral damage and impacts on humans and the very environment we live in

11 This is our planet, This is our time, This is our responsibility, This is our future that we must protect and respect

12 This is our legacy and even if it means we may not have the means to make the changes, we will stand tall and say to our children and children's children

13 We did not neglect or shirk our responsibility as leaders of the pacific in seeking to change and influence and remind others less caring than us that -we do care about the earth -we do want to leave a better legacy for the earth and all who live here -we will continue to remind the other world leaders of our stance -that we will win in the end

14 Fellow leaders, members of the French Polynesian government and the people of French Polynesia, the French High Commission and other experts who are are here today

15 Thank you for being here with us

16 Thank you president Fitch for your very kind and generous hospitality

17 Thank you to your people for their generosity of spirit and kindness

18 the Tahiti of well re known legend lives and thrives and we salute you all

19 Today we will deal with some outstanding and possible new initiatives as leaders but the main focus will be the declaration on climate change and what we the Polynesian leaders will take to Paris adding our very strong support for climate change that befits our status as keepers of the Pacific Ocean and all who live here


Kia monuina                                                                   Premier Niue - Chair Polynesian Leaders Group

Gouvernement Fritch sept. 2014 - jan. 2017

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